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 Andalusian Horses - Pictures
Picture source:
Cambalong Andalusian

Andalusian Horses - Outline

Andalusian horses are one of the greatest ancient breeds. They originated in the Iberian Peninsula in the region of Andalusia. Though Andalusian horses were well spread in other regions as well, the breed was named after this very province. The history of the Andalusian horse can be traced with the help of drawings and other documented evidence.

The Romans and Greek valued this breed greatly. The Andalusian Horse was used as a warhorse, which is confirmed by ancient carvings and other sources. In fact, some paintings depicting the Andalusian horse are dated as being 20,000 years old. Even today, one cannot but admire the breed's beauty, intelligence, and courage.

Andalusian Horses - Description

 Andalusian Horses - Pictures
Picture source:
Hipica Santa Barbara
Andalusian horses are strong, and elegant. An adult Andalusian horse stands about 15.2-16.2 hands. A rectangular head of medium size characterizes the breed. The forehead is broad and the ears are well placed. The Andalusian horse has oval eyes that add much to the beauty of the horse. They carry a lively expression and go well with the straight or slightly convex face.

Elegance is achieved by a relatively long neck and thick mane. The back is short; the quarters are broad. Andalusian horses have a rounded croup with a low set tail. Andalusian horses come in a variety of colors. It has been estimated that about 80% of Andalusian population are gray or white. They can also be bay and black (15% and 5 % respectively).

Nowadays, the population of the Andalusian horses in the United States is low in comparison with other breeds. This is the reason why the Andalusian horse is a rare sight in the country. Andalusian Horses are poorly established in other countries as well. Since the history of the breed has been closely connected with wars, many events led to the rarity of the breed. However, Andalusian horses gave rise to other wonderful breeds and remain one of the most loved ones.

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Andalusian Horse
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